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What Our Client Say

I love lending to Royal Redevelopment. Prince and Melissa really are a dynamic duo, not only do they know their stuff, but they seem to work really great together. I have lent to them on several projects, and they have always delivered exactly what they promised. I love how easy it has been collecting the interest on the funds I have invested with them. I have made way more off the money invested as a lender in their projects then my money ever made in my savings account with my bank. Thank you Royal Redevelopment and I look forward to continuing to earn with you as a lender on your future projects.”

Edith – SDE Sky Investments

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I was greatly impressed with their lending presentation and materials. They provided me with lots of information, with detailed facts and figures that provided a clear and understandable explanation of the lending procedures and protections that were in place. They educated me as to how I could safely use the money that I had been saving over the years that had just been sitting at the bank only making minimal interest in order to achieve greater returns by investing alongside with them. They showed me pictures of the projects that they had worked on previously, showing me before and after pictures and I was impressed by what they do. Once I let them know that I would like to participate in their lending program it was not long before they were able to present a lending opportunity for me to be involved with one of their projects. When that project was done, I received back from them exactly what I was promised. I also showed my friends pictures of the house that they shared with me during the process, and I felt like I was a part of one of those shows on the television. I am going to lend to them again.

Barbara T. – Hollywood

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An unfortunate heath situation left me unable to live on my own anymore and it was necessary for me to move out of my home and move in with my sister. My home had sat empty for a number of years and I was no longer able to keep up with the maintenance. Royal Redevelopment bought my house for cash quickly. They were professional and working with them was very easy. After they were done remodeling my former house, they sent me pictures so I could see how it turned out. They did an amazing job on the remodel and I was extremely impressed. Whomever purchased it from them when it was done, was very lucky.

K. Sides – Lake Worth

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As a result of changes in our life circumstances, we needed to relocate very quickly from the home that our family had lived in for many years. We didn’t have the time it would have taken to fix up our house in order to list it for sale with a real estate agent. Royal Redevelopment came to us and met with us at our house and spoke with us about options to help us out in our situation. They made us a fair offer to buy our house “as is” so that we didn’t have to make any repairs what so ever. Royal Redevelopment closed on the purchase of our house, on our time frame, exactly as they promised they would. They communicated with us regularly, and kept us informed every step of the way. We are very grateful for how easy they made the process for us, they were the perfect buyers for our home.

Richard and Brenda Fox – Coral Springs, FL.

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Working with Royal Redevelopment, Inc., for us was a very positive experience. We invested in a Rehab Project with Royal Redevelopment and the results were great. We are also property investors, but as we were in between projects, the lending opportunity that Royal Redevelopment offered us just made sense. This was our first private money loan to another company for their own rehab project and at first were a little nervous and not certain exactly what to expect getting into it. However, Prince and Melissa did a great job of quickly making us feel comfortable about our decision to invest with them. They explained their acquisition strategy and projections for the project up front. During the project, they consistently provided us with information on what was being done and pictures of the progress that was being made. They also met us at the property several times so we could see for ourselves the quality of the rehab work they were doing. They gave us the the feeling that they had everything covered at all times. They fulfilled their promises both as to timing and returns offered. It was a great experience with very professional and trustworthy people. The end result on the project was awesome. We look forward to participating in more of their projects in the future.

Gabriel Lander – Insta HomeBuyers, LLC – Miramar, FL

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"Working with Royal Redevelopment on the sale of our property was a great experience. They bought our property at a fair price and worked with us on the special needs we had for our sale. They communicated with us regularly, answered our questions and kept us informed during the process. They closed on time and without complications, as they promised they would. It was easy to work with them. They took care of the details for us and made selling our property very smooth and simple." Jacob L. and Sharlene G. - Hollywood, FL

Jacob L. and Sharlene G. – Hollywood, FL

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